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The location: Yonge+Rich near the corner of Yonge Street and Richmond Street East Toronto
The date: Yo it’s V-Day!
The hookup: Yonge boy meets Rich gal
The play: A romantic evening at home
The score:

RenderPornStar*mance Valentine's Day 2013

Gotta be Yonge+Rich forever!

The location: E Condos
The date: Can Y&Eligible live up to its rep?
The strategy: Kiss and make up with your E(x)
The result:



The location: IT Lofts (College Street at Rusholme Road, Toronto)
The date: Brunch with Dad on College Street followed by a relaxing afternoon at his new loft.
The strategy: Surprise Dad with yet another tacky tie …
The result:


IT's all about Dad!

The location: MA Condos (Le Triangle near Namur and Jean-Talon, Montreal)
The date: Brunch followed by a relaxing day in the park.
The strategy: We’ll do anything for mom!
The result:


Happy Mother's Day!

The location: The Bond (Adelaide Street West of John Street, Toronto)
The date: Let’s go swimming!
The strategy: Stay focused in a challenging environment…;)
The result:

RenderPornStar*mance The Bond

Getting Lucky on Friday the 13th (April 2012)

The location: Gotham Ottawa (Gloucester Street West and Lyon Street North, Ottawa Canada)
The date: Sexting her sweetheart Patrick
The strategy: Get an invitation to Patrick’s Gotham Ottawa pied-à-terre for a few pints of stout, colcannon and a pot o’luck…
The result:

RenderPornStar*mance Gotham Ottawa

St Patrick's Day 2012 RenderPornStar*mance

The location: Nero TownHouses, Manning Avenue and Dundas Street West, Toronto Canada
The date: Nero invites his sweetheart over for dinner and …
The strategy: Turn the lights down…
The result:


Valentine's Day 2012 RenderPornStar*mance

The location: Flaire Condos at Don Mills, Toronto Canada
The date: Watching the sun set
The strategy: Just chill’n
The result:

RenderPornStar*mance Flaire Condos at Don Mills Toronto Canada

January 2012 RenderPornStar*mance

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