RenderPornStar of the Week X 2 = Howard Park 1 & 2

Howard Park was our 29 August 2011 RenderPornStar of the Week. Here’s an update:

Howard Park 2 was our 24 March 2014 RenderPornStar of the Week: The sales centre has been updated to sell this phase 2 edition by RAW Design and Triumph Developments, located near Dundas Street West and Howard Park.

Abacus Lofts update: start counting your floor

Abacus Lofts is looking great as it rises from Dundas Street West:

Looking forward to seeing those angled floor plates soon!

The High Park: Approved and gearing up for site demolition and construction?

Looks like it based on the Accel Construction Management Inc sign attached to the existing rental building:

Volta Lofts: RenderPorn vs Reality

Volta Lofts at 588 Annette Street is complete (note the work on the retail units) and occupied. Volta Lofts was not a RenderPornStar because we thought it wasn’t extraordinary enough to get this prestigious award. Let’s compare the rendering to reality:

Volta Lofts rendering

Volta Lofts - renderporn vs reality

Volta Lofts from Beresford Avenue looking north:

Were we right? Let’s walk around the building:

Rear view:

Hmm…: It could’ve been much much worse. Sometimes we goof at RenderPornStar–we’re not overpaid experts afterall 😉 Overall, it’s a conservative building in a great neighbourhood. The red brick is a nice touch, the scale is about right but there’s a little bit of mcmansion” vibes we’re feeling that puts us off. Example:

Good Morning from High Park

Daniels High Park is quickly rising above grade, so why not check out the view from High Park itself?

Looking NW from Bloor and Oakmount one quickly senses the massive impact the building will have on High Park: good or bad that’s for you to decide.

All we know is this is possibly High Park’s highest toilet:


RenderPornStar of the Week: 50 at Wellesley Station by Plaza and Quadrangle Architects

This gallery contains 1 photos.

Coming soon to 50 Wellesley Street East, Toronto: 19 May 2014 RenderPornStar of the Week


iT Lofts update:

Shoring continues


Found: 31 March 2014 RenderPornStar of the Week:

Dovercourt 455 by RAW Design and Curated Properties. Work starting on location at 455 Dovercourt Road (Toronto) just north of College?


2011 RenderPornStar of the Year Picasso on Richmond

On the right, with guest appearances by Tableau Condominiums on the left and the Allied Properties REIT’s Queen Richmond Centre office building rising centre.


Theatre Park is topped out

That makes us sad–it deserves to rise high up into the sky–100 storeys perhaps?