IT Lofts – site updates

23 May 2012 update: A look inside IT Lofts sales centre from the street at night–wow Toronto gets a red kitchen! Very Italian wouldn’t you agree?!

IT Lofts

"The IT Spot by night"

12 May 2012 update: IT Lofts sales launch party for registrants at 884 College Street Toronto (just east of Delaware Av) looked like a smashing success! RenderPornStar* got the red carpet treatment…;) The actual project site is three blocks west at NW corner Rusholme Road.

IT Lofts

IT Lofts was "the IT spot" 12 May 2012

7 April 2012:
IT Lofts sales haven’t launched yet but the billboard is up on the location of this 12 March 2012 RenderPornStar* of the Week. The area is indeed becoming another “It spot” with trendy new restaurants and shops opening every month along this stretch of College Street. It’s also a short 5 minute walk to nearby Dufferin Mall and the trendy Dufferin Grove Park farmer’s market. Worsley Urban Partners and RAW Design are behind this boutique-scaled building.

Looking north:

IT Lofts 998 College Street at Rusholme Road

IT Lofts 6 April 2012 update

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