RenderPornStar* by Urbandreamer member Urbandreamer is the founder and leading curator of RenderPornStar. Originally appearing on Urbandreamer’s Twitter account beginning 11 April 2011, RenderPornStar is becoming known for promoting architectural excellence in Canada’s new presale condominium community. With the encouragement of the Toronto real estate community, including a television appearance with real estate investor and agent Brian Persaud of Inside Toronto Real Estate on Rogers TV followed by an interview on the RenderPornStar concept took hold.

RenderPornStar’s mission is to promote architectural excellence in the Canadian Condominium Industry. During the critical presale stage when the buyer buys off plans, enticed by the shiny renderings, condominium purchasers can easily choose well-designed buildings that will enhance the community. Every new condo building should be a RenderPornStar!

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